Our Services

Our services include:
Engine Balancing with our new up to date Hines Balancer

Balancing of both rotating & reciprocating components adds longevity , power and smoothness to your engine With our new up to date Hines Balancer we can improve the precision and efficiency of your engine and crankshaft balancing operations. We can provide digital printouts for every job ...
Drive shaft modifications , Parts and Balancing ( Universal Joints , Slip Yokes , Weld Yokes and Driveshaft Tubing )

We Balance all types of driveshaft’s from 1 piece to 2 piece up to 3 ½ metres long.
Boring & torque plate honing

Torque plate honing , involves installing 1-2” steel plate on the block in place of the cylinder head to stimulate the cylinder wall distortion of the block when the heads are installed. By honing the block while similar stresses are applied , you insure the bore will be round when the heads are installed. It provides for a better ring seal and prevents piston scuffing.
Crack Testing
Crank Grinding
Block Surfacing

An incorrect finish can and will cause failure of the cylinder head gasket , Here at Hawera Automotive we can provided a fine finish suitable for MLS head gaskets.
Fly wheel Grinding

Performance Rebuilds
Complete Engine assembly
Hardness testing of cylinder heads
Multi angle valve seat machining

The Serdi handles many cylinder heads machining operations such as multi – angle valve seat cutting , boring out valve seat inserts/ rings and boring housings for oversize inserts, as well as cutting pedestals for screw in studs.
Valve Refacing

Cylinder Head Porting